Dec 28, 2006

hidalgo arrives in the real world

and he doesn't endorse haircuts; however, today was a special day.

edit yo!

i feel so free now that i'm on vacation. i pray i won't get anymore artist blocks...

Dec 25, 2006

there are cacoa beans in there somewhere

how do i not resize images with this damn thing?

anyway, i got 100 USD for christmas, so now i have enough for a wii. all i need is the patience to wait in line. wtf, when will this line thing end? it's been out for over a month now. :[

Dec 16, 2006

who's seeing you at all?

I feel as if I'm better at doing anything constructive at midnight and its surrounding hours.
Lately I've been doing as sane people apparently do, using this time to sleep.

Also, I spend far too much time on the internet.

Anyway, I don't know where to go with this one. I hate the hair.

Dec 13, 2006

however, jobe was a friendly orc

sorry i haven't updated in a while for all who actually visit this blog (yes, that's you taco.) anyway...


Dec 11, 2006

sorry to have neglected you

I don't know what Gnarf's been up to, but I've been doing absolutely nothing.

On an unrelated note, play Reactor 09!

Dec 6, 2006

ze one million masterpiece

This is my contribution to The One Million Masterpiece. It might not stay on The One Million Masterpiece as I haven't given any money to the associated charities, though I should. And you should. They're good causes.

and now for something

Completely different.

A little Flash game. I didn't really finish it, but at least it's somewhat playable. Right?
For a limited time only, here's the source! Excuse the programming. And graphics.

Flash 8.

hardy perennial

2006 saw me doing photography at the old (well, not really) schoolhouse. It was interesting and a bit of the pain at the same time. This is the only photo of mine I really liked. It was taken earlier on in the year.

It looks like it should be the background of an advertising postcard or something. Not the touristy ones, those are usually boring.

What was I talking about again?

washes the countenance

Lazy chaotic shading was put in after I managed to wet one of my lines. All that water warped the thin paper I was using, too.

sunday meat cloud

Dec 5, 2006

crowd psychology

Let's start things off here.

An assortment of rough character sketches for an animation I'm hoping to start soon.