Jan 25, 2007

this torch of freedom

There's obviously a good number of things I need to work on.

Like hands.
Those tricky motherfuckers.

Jan 21, 2007

mittens of leverage

and pendleton ward's "adventure time" is the most algebraic shit ever! i'd die to watch this be made into a series.

pokechonkz suck

just some crap i thought of at school. i'd color it with colored pencils or something, but it'll ruin it even more.

Jan 17, 2007

moths drink the tears of sleeping birds

Using the same brushes as last time and a reference image from Poser (don't do it kids, use real people! Draw from life!)

I plan to scan some sketchbook stuff soon!

edit: How about some YouTubery?

Jan 13, 2007

service with a smile

i was bored
rushed out in a couple of minutes or so

Jan 5, 2007

bootay clouds

i decided to just buy zelda and stop whining. i won't get a wii anytime soon on my lack of budget, so that's it. just got done with the goron patriarch.

also, you should check out zyr's blog for more bootay.

Jan 3, 2007

hello mmvii

Another messy cartoonish portrait. Just typical.